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Teakell, Sandy

School Improvement Consulting Teacher
chelsea Toledo

Toledo, Chelsea

K-5 General Music Teacher


I have recently moved to Seattle from New Mexico to teach Elementary music to students K-5. This is my first year at Gatzert after teaching classical guitar for five years in New Mexico. I am thankful for the warm welcome from the Gatzert community and the strong support that I have received from each and every teacher since I began teaching here in September of 2018. Due to the vast diversity of the students I have sincerely enjoyed sharing part of my culture with them as well and have been delighted by their acceptance and respect of all cultures. I look forward to the time I will spend here with the Gatzert community.

Tripp, Noelle


West, Kathleen



I am honored to be both a librarian and reading teacher at Bailey Gatzert. Having grown up in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic home I am both affirmed by and affirming to our students. I come from a long line of educators, who were avid readers and purveyors of information. In my family we explored ideas and opinions from many perspectives through the use of books and; I am happy to share in such experiences with your children.

,Personal Message

To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes:   He who has read many books has lived many lives. He who has not has lived but one. 

I am here to encourage, inspire, and uplift students through the use of literature that reflects them, their cultures, ethnicities and opens the door to the experiences of others. Through this we learn more about ourselves, and we find commonalities with the experiences of others. 

White, Beverly

Special Education Assistant
Melissa Woodbridge

Woodbridge, Melissa

5th Grade Teacher