Bailey Gatzert Elementary

Bailey Gatzert

Gatzert Partners

Building community, supporting student learning

Gatzert Family Partners is comprised of many family leaders, staff, community organizations and language interpreters.  Each month, people gather to learn more about the school, how to get more involved and improve the school community.

The Seattle University Youth Initiative is a long-term commitment by Seattle University faculty, staff and students from all disciplines to join with parents, the Seattle School District, the City of Seattle, and more than 30 community organizations to help children of Seattle succeed in school and life. The university’s immediate goal at Gatzert School is to unite the wider community to improve academic achievement of youth living in the Bailey Gatzert neighborhood while strengthening and widening education of Seattle University Students.

Seattle Music Partners’ free after-school program is an innovative combination of music instruction and mentoring. For 11 years, SMP has worked with elementary and middle school students in Seattle’s Central District. We also provide a unique opportunity for skilled musicians to give back to their community as music tutors.

Seattle Music Partners provides the opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students at Bailey Gatzert Elementary to participate in one-on-one music lessons with their tutors on Thursday afternoons and group music playing and learning on Friday afternoons. As a program participant, each student will be placed with a high school, college, or community musician for individual lessons on their instrument. Through these individual lessons, group activities and ensemble playing, 4th and 5th graders will learn to read music, play an instrument, and make music as part of an orchestra or band. We also provide instruments to participants and transportation where needed.

Students showcase their new skills by performing in several recitals each year. In addition, SMP is dedicated to partnering with school staff to bring music enrichment programs into the schools, including hosting touring musicians and arranging for field trips to music performances.

America SCORES Seattle provides elementary school students from under-served communities with a five-day-a-week after school program combining literacy and athletics. With teamwork as the unifying value, America SCORES Seattle inspires youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students and become agents of change in their communities.