Bailey Gatzert Elementary

Bailey Gatzert
Bailey Gatzert Elementary School


About Bailey Gatzert

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

 At Bailey Gatzert we will….

  • Create a passion for high academic achievement
  • Engage students with a comprehensive curriculum
  • Help each other as a community of learners
  • Be empowered through our diverse community
  • Foster students who ethically create a humane and sustainable global society

Our Vision

At Bailey Gatzert, we honor and cultivate each child’s individual gifts and talents while developing academic excellence and social-emotional strength. We empower children to contribute positively to our diverse and dynamic society through lifelong learning and personal integrity.

Our Goals

Growth and Excellence: Our highest priority is academic growth. We continually strive for excellence in achievement.

Respect, Cooperation and Tolerance:  We recognize and accommodate the unique needs of our diverse population. We demonstrate cooperation, respect of self and others, and value all contributions.

Community: We recognize that education of children is complex and relies on the connections and contributions of many. We work in partnership with families, other education organizations and the greater community to continually improve the education of our children.

Bailey Gatzert building entrance