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    Websites Kids and Parents Can Use at Home

    Smarter Balanced Website

    Online Math In Focus For Parents and Students
    Under Math ane Science, click "Online text books"
    Click “Math in Focus”
    Login boxes on the right side of page:
    Username: studentsps
    Password: access


    Traits of Writing

    1. Voice
    2. Organization
    3. Powerful words
    4. Ideas
    5. Sentence Fluency
    6. Mechanics

    The Writing Process

    1. Pre-write
    2. Rough draft/sloppy copy
    3. Re-read and Revise
    4. Edit
    5. Publish

    Educational Websites Used At Gatzert

    RAZ KIDS (K-2) 

    Spider Typer

    spider typer

    Type letters and words you see on the lizard's back.

    Create Words

    screenshot of create words game

    Pick a beginning letter to match a picture and make a word.

    Shape Game

    Match all of the falling shapes before they fall on each other.

    Who Am I

    Design a person on the computer just like you!