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    Student Portal Resources: Clever
    Posted on 03/19/2020
    Tech Resources

    Hello students and families!

    Please look at the graphic below that shows how your 2nd through 5th grade students can login to Seattle Schools. This will allow them access to a number of academic programs that they have been using this year at Gatzert. As stated in the graphic all student usernames begin with a '1' and most of our 2nd-5th students already know their login information.  If they have forgotten, contact me at
    -Mr. Silver

    Watch this Video to learn how to log in to the Student Portal

    Students in grades 2-5 have a district username and password that is used at school and for logging in to Seattle Schools from home.

    1. Go to or and click on Students > Student Portal
    2. Click Log in with Active Directory
    3. Students then enter their and their password.
      • All Gatzert 2nd-5th grade students should know this info and have been using it at school.
    4. Inside the Student Portal (Clever) students can use a number of district resources. For Gatzert programs, click on the picture of the bear that says Tech for the student's grade level.

    instructions for logging in to the Student Portal. please refer to the text on page for accessible instructions.

    If your student is in kindergarten or first grade, or if your 2nd-5th student cannot log in to the Student Portal they can access the following academic programs directly and then use their program specific usernames and passwords.


    IXL Math and Literacy (all K-5 students)

    RAZ Reading (K-3 and some intermediate students)

    Room 4
    Room 7
    Room 8
    Room 10
    Room 11
    Room 12
    Room 13
    Room 14
    Room 16
    Room 17
    Room 23
    Mr. Silver