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Typing Agent For Grades 2-5
Practice Math & Language ArtsK-12
Mathematics Vocabulary To Know For Smarter Balanced
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Online Math In Focus For Parents and Students
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Traits of Writing

  1. Voice
  2. Organization
  3. Powerful words
  4. Ideas
  5. Sentence Fluency
  6. Mechanics

The Writing Process

  1. Pre-write
  2. Rough draft/sloppy copy
  3. Re-read and Revise
  4. Edit
  5. Publish

Educational Websites Used At Gatzert

Typing Fun

Typing Practice

12 fun stages to become a top typist.

Spider Typer

spider typer

Type letters and words you see on the lizard's back.

Make A Word

Pick a beginning letter to match a picture and make a word.

Create Words

Combine letters to make lots of words.

Counting 10's

Typing Practice

Make the bear catch 10 cubes, then he will toss a 10 strip on the shore.


Typing Practice

Pritable worksheets in reading, math, and writing.

Shape Game

Match all of the falling shapes before they fall on each other.

Who Am I

Design a person on the computer just like you!

Reading Practice Grades 2-3

Aim For The Stars
Animal Ears
Animal Helpers
Breathing Underwater
By Land Sea and Air
Crackle Flash Boom
Explorng Our Forests
Flying Again
Flying High
From Egg To Salamander
Making Art Out Of Junk
Map Of Mexico
Moon Walking
My Puppy Is Born
On The Move
Our Exciting Solar Neighborhood
Penguins In Motion
Pow Wow
Reading With Your Fingers
Riding The Rails
Rock Secrets
Sam Goes Trucking
Seeing With Sound
Slithering Snakes
The Day Of The Day
The Horse Close Up
The World Is An Open Book
Where Do ILive
Whose Feet Are Whose?
Wings In Water
You Can Do Yoga

Reading Practice Grades 4-5

Amazing Antarctica
Ancient Mexico
A Strange Tree
Aztec School Days
Dear Mother Earth
Dozens Of Dinos
Fighting Fire From Head to Toe
Firefighting Through The Ages
Fire Investigator
For Men Only? NOT!
Guide Dog Puppy Raisers
Inalieable Rights
Jackie Robinson
Jai Alai
Kids To The Rescue
The Bottom Of The World
My Name Is Now
Queen Alliquippa
Rain Forest Hero
Riding For Freedom
Ryan's Well
Swim School
The Braille System
The Chocolate Belt
The Great Chicago Fire
The Long Swim
Negro League Baseball Leagues
The Scoop On Dino Poop
The Struggle For Equal Rights
The Three Shades Of Chocolate
We Were Here Too
Where In The World Did We Come From?
Women Of The Negro Leagues
Words Of Peace
You Have A Choice

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